By selling a vehicle to us, you will be agreeing to the terms and conditions below - which you will be asked to sign upon purchase of your motorcycle.


1. I agree to sell the vehicle for the Price agreed

2. The Vehicle is not subject to any hire purchase agreement, lien or other encumbrance (if applicable) the Finance Settlement you ahev already disclosed.

3. The mileage reading of the Vehicle as stated is accurate and correct.

4. The Vehicle has/has not been used for self-drive hire, hackney carriage, taxi or courier work, or as a police or driving instruction vehicle.

5. The Vehicle has/has not been fully seviced and in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendation at an approved manufacturer service facility. I can/cannot produce a service book to authenticate this.

6. The Vehilce has/has not sustained any serious damage or been categorised as a total loss

7. a current MOT test certificate has/has not been handed over by me

8. A current registration document has/has not been handed over by me.

9. The Vehicle has had ________ owners including me

10. I am/am not registered for VAT